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So I was just wondering and then I thought what kind of animal or creature is Marowak mostly related to, I checked on its information and name origin but it doesn’t answer my question much. I once got a feeling that it might be related to a dragon because of a Marowak and a dragon have similar chestplates but when I looked at its breeding type, it only said “monster” in it. Now I’m just really confused about it, could anyone help me out with this, and I understand if I might be wrong about Marowak being related to a dragon but could you help me figure out what animal or creature is Marowak related to?


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Marowak is reptilian in nature and may be based on bipedal dinosaurs.
Alolan Marowak's design may draw inspiration from fire knife, a Samoan traditional dance implement. Alolan Marowak also may draw inspiration from the Polynesian concept of mana, a spiritual essence that exists in all objects and people. It also allows people to imbue their "spirit" into other people and objects for protection or vengeance.

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