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Mimikyu @ Ghostium-Z
252 Atk/252 Spe/4 SpD
-Swords Dance
-Shadow Claw
-Play Rough

Haven't tried this out, just thought of it now. If you sub first turn and the enemy doesn't attack, you'd get 2 free swords dances. But on the other hand, if they do and they break your substitute, you pretty much just gave them a free 25 percent of Hp. Follow up question, if they attacked you while you had substitute, would it break the substitute or your ability?


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You have to be high, drunk, and half dead all at the same time NOT to attack a Mimikyu. Ain’t no way in hell your opponent will try setting up on a Mimikyu. Shadow Sneak is much more useful because it offers priority to make up for Mimikyu’s mediocre speed stat. Also, a Mimikyunium Z would be better than a Ghostium Z to hit Porygon2 and other bulky normal types. (It also has a much higher base power.) Besides, you’ve created this set assuming you outspeed the opposing Pokémon. What if you don’t, and they use Will-O-Wisp, Scald, or Thunder Wave on you? What if they are a Haze user like Toxapex and Milotic? What if they have Infiltrator? Never assume things will always go your way.

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Substitute Mimikyu is good in 1v1, Decent in Battle Spot with Legends, and really good in regular Battle Spot. Mostly because everyone on Battle Spot tries to Toxic Mimickyu first turn... or just aren't competitive :P
In Free Battle Spot everyone are noobs with no skill that just use legendaries and think they’re actually good. You could win with anything against them. As for 1v1, that isn’t a real tier. Idk what you’re talking about, sub Mimikyu is awful and gimmicky in BSS, the only valid tier you mentioned.
CursTall Mimikyu is awesome in 1v1. You can't defeat a Mimikyu unless u r using z moves, infiltrator pkmn, priority moves or a faster pokemon.
A few defensive Pokemon will try to use toxic or will-o-wisp on Mimikyus, so substitute might surprise them. Also, 1v1 is a real format. It has a permanent ladder on Showdown!, in the "other metagames" category.
No, it isn’t a real tier. Only LC-Ubers count. If 1v1 counts, so does Monotype.
How does Monotype not count? It's even listed as an official format.