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So Meloetta is one of my favorite Pokemon not because of her power but because she is adorable. I put a Typhlosion in the GTS asking for a Meloetta in a return. The result?

Typhlosion is still in there after 3 MONTHS of waiting.

What's up with the GTS people? (This is in sun btw)

Honestly, that's a pretty bad offer. Starter Pokemon are a lot easier to get than event only Pokemon.

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I did some research on your issue, and I think I might be able to explain why your offer is not being accepted. There is a lot of conflicting information on the topic, so I'm not going to present anything as fact: however, there definitely seem to be restrictions on people's ability to trade event Pokemon through the GTS. It seems that either the Cherish Ball or the Ribbons that most event Pokemon come with will block Pokemon from being traded over the GTS. If it's anything to you, Bulbapedia states:

Pokémon with a Classic Ribbon or Premier Ribbon cannot be traded on the GTS, making event-exclusive Pokémon [...] difficult to obtain as they frequently come with such Ribbons attached.

I would consider neither Bulbapedia nor the forums I looked through to be hard proof of these mechanics, but since they align with your situation and so many others I came across, I think it's reasonable to say there are limitations when trading event Pokemon like Meloetta. This is likely why you can't get a trade.

Irrespective of this though, I can't imagine Typhlosion being particularly enticing for an event Pokemon that is much harder to come by. Clearly what you're offering right now isn't going to produce a result, so I'd at least try switching Typhlosion with something that has more value. Then if you're still getting nothing, you can assume Meloetta can't be traded at all -- or is in such short supply that it'll be too hard to get a deal.

Ok thank you I have tried a strategy of trading up from Conkeldurr to Milotic and going to slightly better pokemon with each trade from there
No problem! A really easy way to make a trade more interesting is to offer a version-exclusive Ultra Beast. Since you get multiples of them it should be easy to part with one, and then your offer has a lot more value to half the players looking through the GTS.
Event Pokémon can theoretically only be traded directly via link trade, the GTS is off limits. In Generation 6, there were still scores of mythicals in the GTS, especially Jirachi for some reason, but this generation has tightened its security with regard to Pokémon obtained through illegitimate methods, and it seems to have scared off legit mythicals as well. Hacked Pokémon are less likely to come with a Cherish Ribbon or similar, meaning that they could still be traded via the GTS. If you missed the event last year and desperately want her, you'll need to trade directly. I have 3 if you can make me a better offer than a Typhlosion.

Work out what you have, or are capable of acquiring, because there is essentially a hierarchy when trading Pokémon. Marshadow is probably sitting at the top right now since it's still off limits in some countries, the next most prized would probably be Meloetta, Genesect and Keldeo. The cheaper mythicals other than Deoxys would include Mew, Celebi and Jirachi (who was freakishly easy to obtain a couple of years ago). Sometimes a certain shiny or item might win you a good deal. You just have to keep trading up or get ridiculously lucky.
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Meloetta is a event Pokemon so people wont trade it away most of the time. Another thing is that a Typhlosion isnt quite worth such rare Pokemon as Meloetta.