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Whenever I battle my friend he always makes my pkemon fall asleep usally with his darkrai. Its anoying! Is there a good stratagy for fighting this?


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The abilities Vital Spirit and Insomnia prevent pokemon from falling asleep. The ability Early Bird helps you wake up sooner than you otherwise would. Aside from that, give your pokemon chesto or lum berries.

Also, remember that if you already have a status you cannot fall asleep, although I don't see how that will help you muchas you won't be self inflicting in all liklihood and another status will hurt you anyways... Still, it could be better than having darkrai eat your dreams and give you nightmares.

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  1. The abilities Insomnia, Sweet Veil, and Vital Spirit prevent a Pokemon from falling asleep.
  2. The ability Early Bird causes a Pokemon to awake quicker than it otherwise would.
  3. Grass type Pokemon are immune to various Grass type moves including Spore and Sleep Powder.
  4. Electric Terrain prevents any grounded Pokemon from falling asleep for 5 turns.
  5. Switching out a Pokemon with the ability Natural Cure results in them awaking if they were asleep previously.
  6. Having the ability Shed Skin enables a Pokemon to cure it's own status problem.
  7. A Pokemon with the ability Hydration will be unable to be put to sleep if it is raining.
  8. The ability Magic Bounce reflects the effect of any status-changing move.
  9. Having a Pokemon with the ability Healer in your team can result in an asleep Pokemon, on your team, waking up.
  10. The ability Wonder Skin makes status-changing moves more likely to miss.
  11. Taunt will prevent your opponent from using sleep-inducing moves, along with any other non-damaging moves (becomes a priority move with the ability Prankster).
  12. Sleep Talk and Snore enable you to damage your opponent whilst sleeping.
  13. Holding a Lum Berry or Chesto Berry will result in you awaking from sleep immediately (can be used numerous times when coupled with the move Recycle or the ability Harvest).
  14. You can't be put to sleep when behind a Substitute.
  15. Protect, King's Shield and Spiky Shield block all sleep-inducing moves.
  16. Me First can put them to sleep instead of you if they use a sleep-inducing move.
  17. Uproar prevents any Pokemon from sleeping when being used.
  18. Trick, Switcheroo and Bestow can be used to give your opponent an Assault Vest which forces them to use attacking moves [this only works if your Pokemon has the ability **Klutz**].
  19. Worry Seed can change an ally's ability to Insomnia.
  20. Self-inducing a different status problem (to sleep that is) will make you immune to all other status moves because you can only have 1 status condition, here a situations in which a status condition isn't a problem or actually helps you:
  • Holding a Toxic Orb when your Pokemon has the ability Poison Heal or Toxic Boost.
  • Holding a Flame Orb when your Pokemon has the ability Flare Boost.
  • Holding a Flame Orb or Toxic Orb when your Pokemon has the ability Guts, Magic Guard, Marvel Scale, Synchronize or Quick Feet.
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