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I wanna use either for my team. I already have the rest of my team planned out. Rowlet (Decidueye), Dratini (Dragonite), Slowpoke (Slowbro), Alolan Vulpix (Ninetales) and Salandit (Salazzle). I wanna use either of them as my electric type but I dont know who to choose.

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I think you should use Magnezone because it has more base stats than Vikavolt. Just give it the Air Balloon to take care of Ground type moves (only for one turn). And Magnezone can use Volt Switch to switch out to Dragonite when you find a Ground type way better than Vikavolt. If your still not sure on what you should choose you can test them both on Pokémon Showdown.
I hope this helped (don't forget a awesome moveset and proper EVs).

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Or the Magnezong should use Magnet Rise.
That's if Magnezone goes first (most of the time it never will so a Ground type move will take it out before it even gets to use Magnet Rise, unless it had Magnet Rise and the Air Balloon, but don't forget about Fighting and Fire type moves). Most Ground types are slow so Magnet Rise probably could work but other Pokémon with Ground type moves could go first.
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Magnezone. It has so many resistances and has strong defenses with a very strong special attack stat. It is easier to get than Vikavolt and you can get an Eviolite on Akala Island to boost the stats of you Magnemite or Magneton.

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