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The Global Link's release in the US was on April 12. I went on that day and signed up to try out the Dream World, and now I can't log on again. It's been about a month since its release, and every time I've tried to log on again it says that "The Game Sync has run out of energy. It will take 24 hours to recharge." I've tried to do that for the past couple days, getting the same message every time. I wanna go to the Dream World again, because some pokemon have really nice abilities. Any idea why this has been happening?

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Please, go to the pokemon global link website and check the FAQ.

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Maybe you are using 2 nintendo ds systems, making that mess with your clock and giving you that error, if thats not the problem try to acces game sync via title screen and not via C-gear

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Let me try that.

EDIT: It just lets me view the registration code, and not actually sync my game.
You have to register that code @ Pokemon global link
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Maybe you should wake up your pokemon

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