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So if he/she/it beats Wattson and then goes to the Trick House, I think it'll have the first puzzle. After completing the first puzzle, the Trick Master should stop letting the player into the puzzle room. So when can the player do the second puzzle? Or does he/she/it become unable to do the first one?

Why do you put he/she/it? Just put "someone", or "they". Either of Those two cover pretty much everyone. If you put "they" it's probably a lot faster.
But "they" is plural...
Actually, it's not always plural. You can look it up too. It's called singular they. Very useful.

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Nothing really

I actually did this in one of my re-runs of Emerald. Forgot that Trick House existed and played through the game.

Post game I went back, and started the puzzles from the first onwards. The moment I finished one, I walked back in, and voila! The second awaited me. I finished that one, and re-entered the Trick House and the third puzzld awaited me. This continued till I finished all the puzzles.

So to sum (haha) it up, it doesn't matter. The game still goes by order, and you can finish an earlier puzzle even if you got another gym badge.

Source: Personal Experience

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The first puzzle requires no badge and the second one requires the Dynamo Badge. Nothing happens if you dont do the Trick House Puzzles. You just dont get prizes.
Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Trick_House

Did you read the description?
You asked when can you do the second puzzle. I said when you get the dynamo badge, so you can acess the 2nd room
Even if the player didn't do the first puzzle? Because Bulbapedia also said the puzzles must be done in order.
Oh u need to do the puzzles in order. Did not kno u were asking that