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I already tried modifying wild pokemon so I only battle Kricketots and Kricketunes and using thief but that doesnt work >.<
On some sites it says you can get it in the battle subway but you cant buy it
I need a metronome for my cinccino! xD


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Well, there is a 5% chance of a Kricketot, Kricketune, or Chatot holding it. I think that's it.

Doesn't seem to be like that in black & white
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Like scolipede said there is a 5% chance on all of those pokemon.But you can't find a wild Krickeot or Chatot so you can only use Kricketune. But since you modified it, it doesn't really matter.If you can modify it, then why can't you just get a metronome?

Because somehow those things never carry any!
I'm always in areas where I double battle for to save time (thief works in wild double battles, tested it on blisseys^^)
I'll try to get a pokemon with compoundeyes because that ability doubles the chance of making wild pokemon carry items