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While playing Pokemon Pearl, I was searching for fossils. Then, I stumbled across two Old Ambers. I would like to know the odds of them both generating at the same time.

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If only someone would answer https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/302310/ I'd be able to tell you.

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The odds of them generating at the same time are 1/96 because there are 48 items, which each spawn equally.

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Sorry, as they do not. They are RNG but vary in Rarities. Therefore, the odds of finding two *old Amber's* is a 1/192 Chance.
@Pokemon #025 Even if I don't get into all the technical details about probability, I can tell you that 2-4 items can spawn together. The chance of finding 2 old ambers among 4 items is obviously higher than finding them among 2 items. You don't seem to be considering that, among a bunch of other things you didn't consider.
@Dialga If you don't like the answer then don't select it.
I see what you mean, but I was choosing spawnrate/rarity up to the frequency of old Amber's generating over each find. Either way I respect what you're saying and agree with you
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