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I have a Reshiram and a Kyurem in my Pokémon Omega Ruby game, but no Zekrom. I have no way of getting a Zekrom because I don't have a game in which that Pokémon is available. I was wondering if there was any way I could still get a White Kyurem or the DNA Splicers in Pokémon OR?

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No, you can't get the DNA Splicers, as it can only be found in Gnarled Den, which requires both Zekrom and Reshiram to access.

Yeah I was kinda afraid of that. I tried using Pokémon bank to move rashiram and kuyrem to my Pokémon x game and use the dna splicer in that game but I can’t transfer white kuyrem back to Pokémon OR. Well if anyone is willing to give me a white kuyrem... if it’s even possible to trade... then I will give you my kuyrem and rashiram in exchange