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For some reason I associate Yanmega and Gliscor as sort of counterpart Pokémon. Maybe because of the close numbers in the Pokédex and the Physical typing and then the Flying typing (yes, I know that Flying is a physical typing). I just wanted to know.

@Consumption Another way I can try to explain this is that the format makes the rules. You can't play any game without rules.
@Madness I don't think dragonflies look like dragons to Japanese people.
Leaving flags so I'm reminded of this later.
@NotForConsumption As others have mentioned, this would be more answerable if you could establish what a general assessment would entail. For example: are you referring to singles or doubles, Smogon rules or not -- any other parameters? The answer would vary considerably between different formats.
It would be singles. And yes, smogon rules would apply. And I know that in XY Yanmega was one of the Borderline tiers and I'm pretty sure that Gliscor is in RU. So just in a regular singles battle with Smogon rules.
There are lots of different kinds of singles with Smogon rules. Are you asking about OU, UU, RU, Ubers, Monotype, or CAP?
RU Singles.

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Yanmega is better in RU because Gliscor is banned.

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