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because babies can't breed.

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Because they are too young to make babies. If the did make babies, they would most likely have a stomach ache.

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Baby Pokémon are "pre-evolved" Pokémon that generally involve a set of specific rules in order to be bred(With the exception of Pichu.) for example, an item being held by the parent Pokémon. Once the baby Pokémon has evolved you can then breed it with another Pokémon but you obviously won't breed another baby Pokémon without following the necessary steps that the particular baby Pokémon requires in order to be bred. Short answer: breeding a baby Pokémon usually requires some special circumstances to be met, which is why you can't simply breed a baby Pokémon to get another.

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It's the fact that they're babies. They're underage, their reproductive organs aren't fully evolved, they're not adults. It would be very wrong if Baby Pokémon could breed which is why they can't. Although, any other newly-hatched Pokémon can breed just fine... Hmm...

May this quench your curiosity.

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Also, if they can breed, their methods are Undiscovered.