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Does it say what egg group a Pokemon is in-game? Is there anybody who tells you?

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I highly doubt it

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Simple as that.
Source: After playing every gen (albeit some a long time ago) I know this does not happen

Hope this helps!

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so how do we know what the egg groups are called?
possibly gf tells us?
That or the "cool kids" made it up
i think it says in game guides.
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This question is hard to answer. Even though I highly doubt it and never have seen it, I cannot find any information that says that you cant. The only source that I can give is my experience of not finding any mentions. I will update this if I find any other info.

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The answer is No which is a shame.
So this means you have to find out online or in a book!

Source: Talked to every character in ORAS, XY, Pearl!
Also played every gen.

There might be info somewhere but I just haven't found yet.

I'll try to update if possible.