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Didn't understand this, Rabbits aren't variant of humans they are rodents, idk why Scorbunny and it's evolutionary line is in the Human-like Egg Group.

I don't think this is one we can objectively answer,but it's pretty obvious that a.) Cinderace specifically is in a very human stance, on 2 legs and walks and moves like a human, and generally just resembles a person and b.) Is based on football players (soccer) so it's literally based on humans as much as rabbits
They are human-like

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It's likely because they are bipedal, and have other basic physical traits that humans have. The Buneary, Cacnea, and Pancham evolution lines are also in the Human-Like Egg Group, as well as Spinda, Volbeat, Illumise, Lucario, etc. You get the picture; not all of the Pokemon in the Human-Like Egg Group are Pokemon that are "variants" of humans. All of the Pokemon in the Human-Like Egg Group have characteristics similar to that of humans, such as being bipedal, having two arms (Machamp is the only exception), a distinct area that is their head, a torso in the middle of their body, etc.
TL;DR: The Pokemon's physical characteristics matters more than what the Pokemon actually is.

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It walks and stands the same way a human would. It has similar body size and proportions to a human. In this case, the Egg group relies more on what the Pokémon looks like, not what kind of animal they are based on. Just look at the other Pokémon in that group. They all have two legs, two arms, and a head.