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Because it has "no legs." Kirlia has legs and suddenly, "Kirlia is evolving! Congratulations! Your pokemon lost its legs!"
*facepalm* Gardevoir HAS legs. It's plainly seen in it's Gen VI attack sprites. See this link if you don't believe me and search "Gardevoir": http://www.pokestadium.com/pokemon/sprites
Also, I have a pre-Gen VI figurine of Gardevoir that has legs.

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In the human egg group;
>Pokémon in this Egg Group, as the name implies, have similar characteristics to humans. They are fully bipedal, standing and walking on two legs. They also possess arms with which they could manipulate objects or deliver blows. The majority of members of this Egg Group are either of the Psychic or Fighting-type.

If you take a close look at Gardevoir... it's not bipedal. No legs. At least none which we can see. In contrast the Amorphous group (Gardevoir's);
>Most Pokémon in this Egg Group are enigmatic in appearance, and the name reflects this. Its many members are based on a variety of things such as gases, blobs, inanimate objects and soft-bodied organisms. Most are capable of floating off the ground. Many of its members are Ghost-type Pokémon

Gardevoir fits this description better as it doesn't really have legs and it kind of floats off the ground. It's probably also soft-bodied to an extent too :P

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That's because Munchlax is a baby Pokemon, and they can never breed.
Gardevoir actually has legs because when I was 8 I got a Gardevoir toy and it has legs.
In the Pokedex 3D Pro it has legs!
and in xy it has legs
She actually fits in the human-like egg group a little more than you know, she has legs and by the way, I found out in Pokemon XD gale of darkness, besides her arms as you can plainly see and the other parts, so there she should be in the human-like egg group, but I'm not game freak so I can't change that, and if you don't belive in me play or watch someone play Pokemon XD, there is at least a required battle with a walking gardevoir, if there are any other I do not know but there is at least that one.
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I think the answer lies in gardevoir's origin. Bulbapedia describes gardevoir as a 'guardian angel' or 'a ghost that won't leave this world'. This could suggest that gardevoir is not a physical being, so as a result it is not human-like.

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I don't think Game Freak originally made Gardevoir have legs, but, in later generations (aka. 4,5,6,7...) they thought she would look better with them, especially because she already looks like a person, so they added her legs when they started making 3D games. But Gardevoir already was in the amorphous egg group, not the human-like. They couldn't change her egg group so they had to keep her in the amorphous group.