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On the SM/USUM box, there are words that say ''Some areas also playable in 3D''. I never actually seen these 3D areas even when I turned on 3D mode. So what are these 3D areas? Thanks in advance.


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I don't think that any areas are 3D playable. I found that on my copies of Moon and Ultra Sun, but I think that if any areas were 3D playable, PokéTubers would be talking about it in reviews of the games, and in videos I've seen things like R.I.P. 3D, and if they're professional about Pokémon (which they probably are) would know if there are some playable areas. I hope that I could answer your question.

You think? You should be sure
I'm just telling what I think. I'm fine if they look at my answer and say, this person's an idiot, and totally ignore the answer. I'm just telling them that I think this, and that my answer is better than nothing.
Poketuber's are not always professional. 65/75% of them are dumb and always use other sites to make a video and information.