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So, I have Ultra Sun, and I was thinking of getting Moon. What are all of the differences between SM and USUM? Should I just buy Ultra Moon if I wanted another gen 7 game?

Ik this has a good answer, I just wanted to add this if you feel bored: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4mpMS78_dM it's a video of a pokétuber going in depth of the differences between SM and USUM.
Personally, I would get Moon for the story differences and possibly the Zygarde cells, if you’re into that

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Everything introduced in US/UM:

Mantine surf is new, along with the surfing beaches

The Battle Agency

Mina's trial

The replication of Lt. Surge's Gym

Totem Stickers, and the subsequent gifts that go along with them

Necrozma is focused on more, including more story and Ultra Necrozma.

Team Rainbow Rocket

Poipole, Nagandel, Stakataka, Blachephalon, Ultra Megalopolis, and everything related to Dulse, Zossie, Phyco, and Soliera

Dusk Lycanroc

Ultra Wormholes

General tweaking of encounters, trainers, and items


Hope I helped! I would personally recommend Ultra Moon over S/M.

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I would say that you should also point out what's in sm and not in usum, such as battling lusamine and a bit more back story for gladion, lille, and lusamine as a family.
this only has things added in USUM, not the differences.