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I have seen Shiny Pokemon got via Poke Pelago on YouTube, and I'm wondering what the chances are for a shiny in Poke Pelago.

I think it is normal, ut i read somewhere shiny charm does not work
Eh, it isn't a bad question so there's no need to hide it. Just leave it and maybe someday somebody will have an answer.
It is alleged that it is EASIER to find them on PokePelago than normally, but I don't know if these people are just getting lucky or what. None of the ones I have ever had were shiny.
I'm pretty sure it's the usual 1/4096. I'm not sure if the Shiny Charm affects it, but I don't see why it wouldn't.

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I'm like 99% sure that the shiny chance is the regular 1/4096, or "1 in 4,000" as said by a guy in Heahea City, but if you're wondering how to get one(which you're probably not), try soft resetting like this:

  1. Save before entering Poké Pelago.
  2. Put Poké Beans in the crate. (Maybe just put these in first, exit PP, and save.)
  3. If you don't get a shiny, close the game, and start it up again.
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Even though you are sure, I still need proof.
Okay lol
Last I checked there wasn't any proof on the matter. My logic is to assume there's nothing special unless shown otherwise by data mining or other evidence, and people are just ultrahyping it.
So should I BA it?
idk, that's your call.

But I should note that every "tutorial" which demonstrated how to find shinies this way said DO NOT save after going in PokePelago and unsuccessfully finding a shiny, because it'll stay the same if you do that.