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What is the chance of getting each bean (plain bean, patterned bean, rainbow bean). In addition, is it possible to get all patterned beans/rainbow beans, and the probability, if you will. Thanks :)

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I don't really know the exact probabilities of getting each bean, but Plain Beans are the most common, Patterned Beans are less common, and Rainbow Beans are the rarest.
It's possible to get 255 of every bean.
sumwun, I know that: I actually have max plain beans.
I have, like 100~ patterned and 20~ rainbow in stock at all times :P
For every 1 rainbow bean, you get 5 patterned beans and 9 plain beans.
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Ok death rider yeah right Idea but no I took your answer and worked from there doing like a two day science experiment over the weekend and found the following according to my test my hypothesis being your answer I have come to the following. If bean counter is set to zero and I collect all beans available to me we find that for every 2.64967 rainbow bean you will have 11.20980 patterned beans and 15.14729 plain beans meaning my hypothesis was wrong if I were to do this again I would do it for one week. Hope this helped!

I upvoted for the sake of your hard work, but that wasn’t what he was asking. This is just your personal experience, and you could’ve just gotten really lucky. He wanted to know the way people know there’s a 1/512 chance of finding a shiny via Masada method with a shiny charm.
what??? I'm pretty sure he was asking about the beans on this q and a