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I have this Machoke and I need it to level up. I'm trying to farm for ingredients to make the fighting type soup, so that It will get more XP from the Level Up Training. Does anyone know a good way to get those ingredients?


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Unfortunately, the fighting-type stew requires quite a variety of ingredients, with Serebii recommending 2 Bluk Berries, 2 Tiny Mushrooms, and 1 Honey. It goes without saying that you’ll want to get all the corresponding ingredient-enhancing furniture at the Pokémart (so that’s all three Cusheons and the three final starter decorations, as well as the DLC-exclusive Gengar Balloon, if you’re willing to spend money). The Squirtle Flag and Meowth Balloon can also help.
After that, I recommend replaying stages which offer the right ingredients, which in your case will be First Steppe (for red and blue ingredients), Backforth Brooke (for blue and yellow ingredients), and Pincushion Plain (for yellow and red ingredients). To get the most optimization, it would be best to keep track of how much you have of each of the required ingredients (since you can’t check your ingredients if all your pots are cooking), and going on expeditions to get ingredients you need more of.

Good luck!