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I’m 90% sure this is allowed because Fizz said Pokémon Quest questions were allowed, and so are in-game team questions.

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Someone with high health and rest is almost always a must. Nothing like keeping one pokemon alive against a boss while the others revive.

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Attach a sharing stone and give it bulk up and your party are attacking monsters

Cause he is Mewtwo


Its not good to to have 2 psychic types so Zapdos will cover Machamp's flying type weakness

I'm sorry if you dont include legendaries but you didn't say we couldn't

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You probably have to include movesets though.
I was expecting this to be a thread, but since it isn’t, if nobody else answers this in a week, I’ll BA you. :)
Just because there aren't multiple answers doesn't mean both that there won't be in the future and that it's not a thread. You probably shouldn't BA at all.
I would answer, but I don't play Pokémon Quest.