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Leech Life does slightly more damage, but Drain Punch has more coverage.

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I don't see people use either. I always see Swords Dance/Shadow Sneak/Shadow Claw/Play Rough.
shadow claw isnt really a good move tbh
Its nessacary to know context. is this mimikyu competetive, or casual? what are its other moves? what role does it play on your team?
My Mimikyu has the Kee Berry, so it can raise Defense without losing HP using Disguise, and knows Shadow Claw, Play Rough, Drain Punch and Swords Dance.

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Drain Punch.

Although typically you shouldn't use either, if you have to choose one of the two, better coverage is the way to go. At +2, the little difference in base damage is negligible, as you'll OHKO or 2HKO a good number of opponents. Also, obviously, a super effective Drain Punch will more than make up for the small drop in power than a neutral Leech Life.

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