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My new shiny porygon-z says this on it's summary

Modest Nature


apparently arrived at lv. 100
fateful encounter
somewhat vain

what kind of region is ----------?

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It literally has dashes in the summary?
Where did you get this Porygon? GTS?
It's probably hacked.
If this was NOT migrated from an older game as Porygon2 or Porygon, it's probably hacked.
Porygon-Z cannot be obtained at Lv 100 unless migrated.

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Yup, probably hacked.
It's not hacked or else I wouldn't have it
WHAT are you talking about?
That doesn't even make any sense...
Like you said I probably got it from gts
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Chcek events on Serebii, it's probably event one.

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There are no events that released Porygon-Z