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This means Attack and Special Attack.

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Gen 1

Attack: Dragonite with 134

Special (Attack): Alakazam with 135

Gen 2

Attack: Tyranitar with 134

Special Attack: Espeon with 130

Gen 3

Attack: Slaking with 160

Special Attack: Gardevoir with 125

Gen 4

Attack: Rampardos with 165

Special Attack: Porygon-Z with 135

Gen 5

Attack: Haxorus with 147

Special Attack: Chandelure with 145

Gen 6

Attack: Pangoro with 124

Special Attack: Delphox with 114

Gen 7

Attack: Kartana with 181 (if not counting Ultra Beasts, Crabominable with 132)

Special Attack: Vikavolt with 145

Gen 8

Attack: Sirfetch'd with 135 (Or Zen/Normal Darmanitan-Galar with 140/160 if counting regional forms)

Special Attack: Cursola with 145

Source: doing the /nds command with filters on Showdown.

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Sirfetched has 68 special attack, and darm galar has 30 special attack
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Zen Galarian Darmanitan has higher physical attack than Galarian Darmanitan.