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So I saved beforehand, because I know this glitch happens and I wanted a surefire way to get out of it after I tried it, but I was wondering if anyone knew what would happen if I saved while I'm stuck.
And actually, it was interesting cuz at first it said it didn't wanna come near me, so I thought they patched the glitch. Turns out they didn't.

Try a ride pokemon.
Ah didn't think of that thank you. Lol I accidentally did a link trade and it auto saved. I was able to fly on 'Zard
Do what LeafyBlade said, fly away.
Actuly, I said to do that. Also he asked the question. He didn't answer. I did. He was just saying that my answer worked.
And how do you do the glitch? I wanna pull a prank on my friend.

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In the "What would you like to do?" menu, the last item you can choose is Change Positions, which allows you to shift to the other side of it, so you're no longer stuck in the corner. This option works even for the interactive Pokemon that are located indoors, for which the Poke Ride option is not available.

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Nothing out of the ordinary should happen if you save there. If you want out you could just use Chairizard fly.