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The Showdown! command "/ds water type,surf,!dive,generation<6" doesn't find Lotad, even though Bulbapedia says it's water type, can learn surf, can't learn dive, and was introduced before Generation 6. So which site is wrong?

Why do you care? It's just a Lotad.
Your curiosity is questionable.

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From what I can find, Lotad can never learn Dive. So Showdown! is wrong.

Source: Pokémon Database

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But is the database correct?
You probably are right. And before sumwun says: "Pokémon Database is always wrong blablbalbalbala", bulbapedia **+** Pokemondb say it can. So, if you are saying pokémondb is always incorrect look at this question >:
I don't know of an instance when Pokémon Database has been wrong. I use it and Bulbapedia as my main sources for Pokémon information, and Bulbapedia agrees with the Pokémon Database.
You've never seen Pokemon DB be wrong? So you've never seen this? https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/55591/
I said that I have never seen anything wrong on Pokémon Database. I didn't say that everything is correct. And even then, Bulbapedia says that Lotad cannot learn Dive, so if two sites say the same thing, they are probably correct.
I guess this site is almost always correct when it agrees with Bulbapedia, so did you check Bulbapedia every time you saw something on Pokemon DB? If not, how do you know that everything you saw was correct?
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According to the national Pokedex book lotad does not learn dive, but it is able to be taught Surf. So therefore bulbapedia is entirely correct on this one.

Sometimes showdown gets things wrong. So I would stick with either the DB or Bulbapedia.

Aren't there a pretty large amount of errors in official Pokemon books? I don't really think that they're that great of a source.
It wasn't my only source it was just the first place I looked
And so far I haven't found any errors in it