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I know there are a few games that put restrictions on HM moves, so I want to know which games and what restrictions. Please don't question my curiosity.

Edit: Don't answer using information from Bulbapedia. Different Bulbapedia articles say different things.

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You could A) Check every game yourself, B) find other people to do so/who did it, or C) Find a better source (preferably supported by some sort of evidence). :P
If all you found was Bulbapedia, then don't answer this question.
@Stakatacool, I can't do A, how would I contact someone with every single game for option B? I don't think there are better sources.

@sumwun, since you are the asker, I will get rid of my answer.
Thanks I guess.
You're welcome, I guess.

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As far as I’ve played, no, there are no moves that the move deleter cannot delete.
But, in Pokémon emerald, the move deleter will refuse deleting the move Surf, when no one else in the team knows it. But as soon as you teach another Pokémon Surf, he will readily delete one of the two.

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So he can delete any move in every game except Emerald?
That’s right.