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I just got a bunch of cards from a friend, and two of them were Latias and Latios, 8 and 9 / 113 of the Delta Species expansion. They’re both holo (including the name and HP, which is why they’re hard to see in the pictures), and have very similar moves, which makes the different text sizes really stand out. I’m really not an expert on the TCG, so I was hoping someone here might be able to spot a fake. Here’s some images of them.

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My best guess is that the one with larger text is more likely to be fake.
The kerning on the card with the larger text is really poor which makes me think it's fake

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From what I can tell, neither card is fake. Comparing two screenshots of cards known to be real and camparing them to your cards, the text is supposed to be bigger on latios.
And as a final reason, the pokeball on the backs of the card appear to be the same shade. Normally fake cards have a darker color on the pokeball.

TL;DR: They are both real.

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I need a picture of the backs of the cards in good lighting. preferably put them next to the back of a card you know is real.
Here you go: https://m.imgur.com/a/aiKIwwW
Although it just occurred to me that the first attack under Latias’ Poke-Body has an extra effect, while Latios doesn’t. I could be wrong, but is it possible that cards scale the text to fit the card?
I edited my answer to the correct conclusion.