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I'm trying to soft reset for a shiny Pheromosa. Do you have any tips or tricks on catching one or finding one sort of fast? I don't want to have to do more than 500 resets.

Which game?
I hope these shiny forms aren't pre-determined, I hunt a shiny Reshiram 1062, and I still don't have it.
Me second hunt, and my first one didn't finish too and that was just a bit over 200.

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All Ultra Beasts and wormhole legendaries are huntable, but if you’re not willing to do more than 500 SRs for a shiny, then shinyhunting might not be for you, at least not SR hunts. All UBs/wormhole legendaries are either full or charm odds, so the best odds you could have hunting Pheromosa is 1/1365 if you have the Shiny Charm.
As far as catching it goes, just Roto-Catch + Beast Balls are going to be your best option, along with some of the standard paralysis/sleep + False Swipe stuff. Pheramosa’s natural moveset will be Triple Kick/Bug Buzz/Lunge/Me First, so luckily, it has no way of killing itself outside of Struggle, meaning that having a tank with resistances like Togekiss or Aegislash is all that’s needed in terms of special preparation.
Other than that, all I can say is be patient (watching something like YouTube while hunting really helps) and good luck!

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Thanks :)
I do homework while hunting LOL,I am hunting shiny Celesteela full odds and cannot find it after 6 hrs...
I guess I should also add that the Ultra Beasts are only huntable in USUM. They are shiny locked in SM.