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If a wild Pokemon uses a move such as Switcheroo, and then you KO it, is your item gone?


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If a wild Pokemon uses Trick or Switcheroo, the move fails entirely, and you keep your item.

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wut if the p-kimn had an item on it?
It does not matter if one or both of them have items. You can initiate a Trick just fine (as long as there are no unswappable items like Z-crystals involved), in which case the item swap will persist after the battle ends, but if the *wild* Pokemon is the one who tries to use the move, nothing will happen, in battle or afterward.
I just realized sumwuns didn't actually answer my question so I selected yours. He was just saying what if **you the player** uses switcheroo. In which case they will be permanently switched. But your correct on the fact that if a **wild Pokemon* uses the move then yes, it will fail. This is because if you had an important one time get item, and it gets put on a wild Pokemon, you might not get it back. So they eliminated this possibility entirely by making it fail for wild Pokemon.