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Don't talk about PP, or contets.
What are the major differences between the 2 moves, why Game Freak has 2 (same?) moves?

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They are essentially the same, apart from the fact that

  • Trick is a Psychic move
  • Switcheroo is a Dark move
  • Trick was introduced in Gen III
  • Switcheroo Gen IV
  • The Pokémon that learn them,

Other than that, there are no major differences, their animations are even very similar:



enter image description here

As for why they made two near identical moves, no one can tell you apart from Game Freak, no real theories on this one.

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The cups are different D:
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Type, PP, name and the Pokemon which learn them. There's no difference in effect.

As to why these moves are the same, only Game Freak can answer that.

He sed dont talk about PP :/
I mentioned every major difference, PP is one of them.
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Okay the 1 difference are the types, Trick is a Psychic move and Switcheroo is a Dark move.
Does not make contact
Affected by Protect
Not affected by Magic Coat
Not affected by Snatch
Not affected by King's Roc
Trick is almost the same but includes:
Affected by Mirror coat
Okay did you mean contents or contests? I didn't get it so:
Switcheroo is a Cool move while Trick is Smart.
Switcheroo is not a tutor move while Trick is!
I hope I helped!

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Well since we can't talk about PP, I have found some info, but this might confuse you: they are the same move but they are different. You see, they are just the same move it's just the many Pokemon can learn it. Do you get what I'm saying(:P)? It just wouldn't make sense for a lopunny to use magic to switch items, but it would make sense for a lopunny to switch the items "secretly"

Hopefully this answers your question

Hope I helped!(ish)