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Aside from the appearance, Ability, and stats. Those are the only differences I can spot.

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I don't think there are any others, other than one forme needs a Griseous Orb.
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He already knows the appearance, ability, and stats change, and the asker says he didn't find any moveset change so no, this shouldn't be flagged

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Altered Giratina has Pressure and Telepathy as its two Abilities. It has 150 HP, 100 Attack/Special Attack, 90 Speed, and 120 Defense/Special Defense. It is 14'09" and weighs 1653.5 lbs.

Origin Giratina has Levitate as its Ability. It has 150 HP, 120 Attack/Special Attack, 90 Speed, and 100 Defense/Special Defense. It must hold a Griseous Orb to be in this form. It is 22'08" and weighs 1433.0 lbs.

So in other words: No.