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Hey guys I was wondering if I could get giratina by transfering it from Pokemon home. Its level 20 and I believe it can be transferred but I'm a relatively new player and I'm still working out all the transfer details.

Also will I be able to add this level 20 giratina to my team straight away since obedence does not really count for this Pokemon as I have defeated 2 gyms allready.

Lastly is there any way to get giratina origin without the expansion?


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Yes, you can transfer it.
Have the Giratina in HOME, use the Switch version of Pokémon HOME, and bring Giratina to your PC boxes in Sword. There is nothing that stops you from adding it to your team. You can obtain the Griseous Orb from the Bargain Shop in Stow-On-Side if you have the Giratina.


Hope this helps!

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