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Just wondering if you can like he was in the Distortion World.

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Yes. Later on in the game (after beating the Elite Four) you can get into the Distortion World through Turnback Cave. There, you find an item known as the Griseous Orb, which, when held by Giratina, makes it go into its Origin Form.

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The griseous orb cannot be traded to other games, btw
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you are completely right don't know why I did't get the fame for that question.
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Look at this:


If not, beat the Pokemon League and go back to Turnback Cave (where you came out after catching Giratina). Solve the puzzle (totally random) and you find another portal where Giratina was in D/P. The item in the Pokeball is the Griseous orb. Make Giratina Hold it, and you have Giratina's origin form!

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yes! i think u can but only when you take it to the distrucksion world.... i think.

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