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Okay so pretty much what the title says.

I am playing Pokémon Ultra Sun, and I am using the Swap Breeding method in order to get a shiny froakie. So before I did the actual swap breeding method, I was able to obtain a Modest, Protean Froakie (male). So, I started doing the swap breeding method and I eventually got a shiny magikarp. Great. So I reset the game and substituted the magikarp for the Modest, Protean Froakie. The resulting shiny froakie offspring keeps on having the ability Torrent instead of Protean. (I've tried at least 10 times to do this) My question is what am I doing incorrectly that has resulted in this? I also tried using my female, Bold, Protean Froakie but that didn't help either. Is it just bad luck that I'm not getting the ability Protean (in which case I should keep resetting and swaping to get the Protean ability) or was the shiny froakie "destined" to get the torrent ability and I should start from scratch? HELP PLEASE.

Thanks in advance.


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Unfortunately, yes, the resulting Froakie will always have Torrent; everything about the egg is pre-determined before you even pick the egg up.