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So apparently battle bond Greninja is shiny locked so it would be impossible to soft reset it until it's shiny. But if the bb Greninja was genned, then would it be possible for it to be shiny? More importantly, will the genned shiny bb Greninja damage your game? Can it be used in wifi battles? And can it be sent to someone thru the gts (this is for both shiny and non shiny bb Greninja)?

Oh, you're one of THOSE people.
A genner? Nope. I just found some giveaways so I asked this question
theres nothing wrong with a little genning imo

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Can hack to be shiny: Yes
Damage your game: No
Usable in WiFi battles: Yes, depending on how it’s hacked in

Shiny BB Greninja is cool, but it’s not suggested to be used online.

What do you mean by 'not suggested'?
Can possibly lead to a ban from going online but it’s not likely
Oh in that case I won't use it
Banning people for using impossible shiny Pokemon would cause more problems than it fixes, which is why it has never happened before. If the game knows there's a problem with the Pokemon, then it won't let you use it online in the first place.
That's a good point. In that case, I will give this a try once I buy an ultra sun game. Is the pokemon checker on the battle tree the same as the one in wifi battles?
I’m pretty sure it’s not. But there aren’t any major differences.