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gallade gardevoir and mega absol is all I know

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Typhlosion is one I think.
Pretty sure Mega Absol is one.
Moonlit, Smasher even put that in the question....
+*voice name here that's pretty inappropriate*: m-absol, typhlosion, gallade, and gardevoir
 +*voice name here that's pretty inappropriate*: I believe so but if anyone else knows of any, please chime in

He/she/it is not sure, but these are the ones I and smasher mentioned, so, maybe that's the final list.
Though, I think Mega Gardevoir got one too.
Here’s the list of sprites they use: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/sprites/xyani/

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On August 2, Showdown updated several of their sprites, some more noticeably than others. Some Pokémon were just updated to make it more accurate to the games, and others were given new poses exclusive to Showdown, including:
• Mega Absol
• Gallade
• Gardevoir
• Nincada (wings are now white)
• Typhlosion
• Umbreon (tail is slightly lowered)

As mentioned above, some Pokémon were updated just to make it more accurate to the games. These Pokémon are:
• All the Totem Pokémon, which now have a size difference
• All of Furfrou’s forms, except for the standard one, were updated. I don’t know what was changed (please comment if you know)
• Girafarig-f was added, reflecting the gender difference in-game
• Kyurem Black and White were both updated, but I don’t know in what way (once again, please comment if you know)
• Pikachu Libre, PhD, Popstar, and Rockstar. Unknown change
• (Kantonian) Raticate-f was added to reflect the gender difference in-game
• Mega Scizor. Unknown change
• Regular (male) Scyther. Unknown change
• Snorlax. Unknown change (tilted slightly toward the camera maybe?)
• Zubat-f was added to reflect the gender difference in-game

Source: looked at every file on Smogon’s sprite list that had 2018-08-02 listed as the time of its most recent update.

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