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So I recently restarted my Pokemon White game, and I really like the grass types in it, mainly Serperior and Lilligant. I picked Snivy for my starter and I recently caught a Petlil. I really like the movepool of the grass types, mainly the moves Giga Drain, Sleep Powder, and Leech Seed. These three go really well together, and I just can't pass up a good Grass type Pokemon! The main question is: Lilligant or Serperior? Which one should I take? Which one should I leave? It wouldn't be a good Idea to have two grass types on a team together: I've done it before! I mean, Serperior is my starter, but I like Lilligant's design and movepool, plus it's amazing Ability! (Own Tempo) I don't know which one to take! Or should I take both? What do you think?


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Well First off lets see each:

-High Sp. Atk
-Decent Speed
-Decent Defenses

-Great Defensivly
-Great speed
-Decent Sp.Atk and Atk

Competitvly Seperior is better as a staller, and with wring out it becomes even better. Lilligant ends getting outsped by most of the Pokemon, which does do to well when battling fast and powerful flying types.
But since you are talking about an in game team I would still go with seperior, since having 2 grass types does not do you too well and I did just fine with serperior in my walkthrough of B2.

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