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Whihc ability is better, Flash Fire or Flame Body? Explain

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Good lord, Flash Fire is easily the better ability. Who cares about a 30% chance to burn with a physical hit on you? Sure, nice when it kicks in, but Flash Fire is so much better, making your Fire type even more formidable a sweeper. While you won't be using your Fire type move right away, after the foe is taken down, you can sweep through the opponent with ease. As for the foe not attacking a Pokemon with Flash Fire with a Fire type attack, that is why you switch in on the foe. Remember, the metagame is a constant battle of prediction, switching your Pokemon in and out all the time. Flash Fire works well with this, especially thanks to this Generation seeing an increase in the use of Fire types.

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It would have to depend on your battle style. With flash fire, you could switch in on a predicted fire attack, and raise the power of your fire moves. With flame body, you have a 30% chance of burning your attacker if they hit you directly right on.(this does not count for moves such as earthquake or psychic) My preference would be flame body, hope you can decide well!^^

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I think that Flame Body is better because A. With Flash Fire, if the foe uses a Fire type move on you, you usually don't want to use a Fire type move against them. B. Flame Body will burn the foe, which lowers the foe's Atk. and does really good damage per turn. C. This might not be much of a reason, but Flash Fire users still take damage (I think) from Fire type moves, and most people aren't stupid enough to use Fire type moves against Fire type pokemon, whereas Fire types (who can't get burned) usually aren't going against Flame Body users (an exception would be Charizard against Volcarona, or where the secondary types match up in a certain way).

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No they don't take damage