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I want to experience the magic of Alola once more, and embark on another island challenge. So I am restarting my game. Before restarting though, I am gonna send over all of my current competitive, rare, shiny or hidden ability Pokemon over to my friend for safekeeping. I will also give them the rarest held items, so that I will not lose them. Can someone try and tell me which items you can only get once per game? Just tell me the names, I will understand why it should be so. My current list includes:
Masterball, gold bottle caps, regular bottle caps, adamant orb, griseous orb, lustrous orb, arceus plates, genesect drives, amulet coin, lucky eggs, soul dew, eviolite, red orb, blue orb, mega stones, prism scale(it's hard to get), dusk stone, starf berry, PP ups, PP maxes, rare candies,...
I can get battle points easily later, not a worry. Mega stones only cuz they are expensive.
Thanks in advance!

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I know certain Pokeballs you can only get 1 of in SM/USM, like the heavy ball and the lure ball, etc. (which I personally  believe is bs).
But it's rare, so all good
I used my Love Ball on Tapu Lele :P
Love ball on tapu lele, good choice

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Items that can only be obtained once:
1. Fast Ball
2. Friend Ball
3. Heavy Ball
4. Level Ball
5. Love Ball
6. Lure Ball
7. Moon Ball
8. Venusaurite
9. Charizardite X
10. Charizardite Y
11. Blastoisinite
12. Soul Dew
13. Burn Drive
14. Douse Drive
15. Shock Drive
16. Chill Drive
17. Adamant Orb
18. Griseous Orb
19. Lustrous Orb
20. Red Orb
21. Blue Orb
22. Draco Plate
23. Dread Plate
24. Earth Plate
25. Fist Plate
26. Flame Plate
27. Icicle Plate
28. Insect Plate
29. Iron Plate
30. Meadow Plate
31. Mind Plate
32. Pixie Plate
33. Sky Plate
34. Splash Plate
35. Spooky Plate
36. Stone Plate
37. Toxic Plate
38. Zap Plate
39. Eviolite
40. Sacred Ash
Items that are hard to get:
1. Lucky Egg
2. Master Ball
3. Bottle Cap
4. Gold Bottle Cap
5. Dawn Stone
6. Abomasite
7. Absolite
8. Aerodactylite
9. Aggronite
10. Alakazite
11. Altarianite
12. Ampharosite
13. Audinite
14. Banettite
15. Beedrillite
16. Blazikenite
17. Cameruptite
18. Diancite
19. Galladite
20. Garchompite
21. Gardevoirite
22. Gengarite
23. Glalitite
24. Gyaradosite
25. Heracronite
26. Houndoominite
27. Kangaskhanite
28. Latiasite
29. Latiosite
30. Lopunnite
31. Lucarionite
32. Manectite
33. Mawilite
34. Medichamite
35. Metagrossite
36. Mewtwonite X
37. Mewtwonite Y
38. Pidgeotite
39. Pinsirite
40. Sablenite
41. Salamencite
42. Sceptilite
43. Scizorite
44. Sharpedonite
45. Slowbronite
46. Steelixite
47. Swampertite
48. Tyranitarite
49. Prism Scale
50. Thick Club

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@KirbyCuteKing! - You're right, good one. I bet theres more items missing. But I GUESS this can still be called a good list.
I changed things! lol
Good list, thanks!
One small error: it is possible to farm sacred ash.
Enter ho-oh's wormhole, steal sacred ash and leave.
Find it again and repeat.
Not entirely sure though.
But keep the list same, it is impractical to remove it.
K. (filler)