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I wanna restart my ultra moon game because I've got nothing else better to do because of the quarantine. However, I have lot of items on it and I mean a lot like around nine mega stones, fifteen leftovers and five choice scarfs among others. I wanna save these so I don't have to mantine surf for three hours just to get the necessary bp for it. So is there a way to save these items if I restart the game other than trading them to another 3ds because I only have one?

You could attempt to acquire a cheat device for 3ds like powersaves to make a save state of your game. You could load the state whenever you want to play it and have multiple different save files. Unless you got the game digitally, then it won't work.
But that would require hacking the 3ds right? If that's the case I might as well get another one in case I somehow manage to screw it up. Looks like I'm gonna have to buy ultra sun then
You don't have to hack your 3ds. Only the cartridge would be affected.
Still not gonna do it. I don't wanna take the chance and screw up and lose my save file

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There is no way to save your items, as you can't bring items into Pokemon Bank. Instead, you'll have to trade them.

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Does USUM have the "Player's PC"?
Nah, they only existed until gen 4 when the bag was made infinite. Even if they did still exist, I'm pretty sure they don't save items
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I mean you can, but it takes a long time and requires a 3ds. You just need to put an item on a Pokemon and trade back and forth until you get all items traded to another 3ds and reset, then trade everything again. You CAN do this with a friend/somehow online but... they can betray you (especially people online). Besides that, there pretty much isn't any other way.