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Let us think that a level 100 Slaking used Giga Impact on a 50 level Blissey. It is a critical and stab. So the overall damage will be 10036.08 and the healing will be ~1253. So the Slaking will be fully restored. Or is it like this that the Blissey(level 100 this time) faints and his max HP will be divided by 8 and the healing will 88. So is the 1st condition right or the 2nd.

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Shell Bell, like all health-draining moves such as Giga Drain or Oblivion Wing, can never get any credit for overkill damage. If the opponent only has 362 HP, you cannot drain for more than 45 with a Shell Bell Giga Impact, even if they have minimum defense.

If the opponent survives with a Focus Sash, then next turn they only have 1 HP left, and whatever move you use to finish them off will only let you heal 1 HP.

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Can you please give me a source.