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Kinda a dumb/obvious question, but how many EVs do you get with these things:
-power items (like power lens)
-vitamins and wings
-the dojo in join avenue (in gen 5)

And also
-macho brace
vitamins get +10 per, but cap at 100. Can't recall the others
power items give 4 EVs until gen 7, when they give 8 EVs

Pokerus doubles whatever you are getting.

Macho brace doubles whatever your getting

wings give 1 EV
Dojo ranges from 4 to 64 depending on its rank

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Vitamins give 10 EVs in the corresponding stat per use, but cap at 100 (or 10 uses).
EDIT: as of SwSh, Vitamins no longer have a cap.

Wings give 1 EV in the corresponding stat, but don’t have a cap.

In Gens IV-VI, power items give 4 additional EVs in the corresponding stat each time the holder gains EVs in battle. In Gen VII, they give 8 additional EVs.

Macho Brace doubles all EVs gained through battle. Does not affect vitamins or wings.

Pokérus doubles all EVs gained through battle. Stacks with Macho Brace and the Power items (multiplier applied after the Power items’ effect), but does not affect Vitamins or Wings.

EVs given by the Join Avenue Dojo varies

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