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I know that the Gen 1 and 2 sprites are emo guys, the gen 3/ORAS ones are Charizards, but what are the gen 4(HeartGold Soulsilver sprites supposed to be cosplaying as?)

I don't have that much time now so I can't answer it now. But if someone(not sumwun) has time then he can search for green shiny pokemon and also can see the colour based section on bulbapedia. There are many pokemon such as shiny nidoqueen or shiny selamence or shiny dragonite(not sure tho) or cradily(think so). If IV+ then there is shiny druddigon etc.
I can't give any discription now. So someone(not sumwun) please answer this by the given advice or whatever.
This could also be a DancingTyranitar. :)
It doesn't seem to be anything specific...
Hmm, with Kirby's link it's probably not Tyranitar (look at the side, there's another Tyranitar)
If you look at the comments it's seems to be no Pokémon 't all.
Wait, gen 4
4 duplicated is 8


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Poké Maniacs dress up similar to Charizard in Generations III and VI. In Generation IV, they could be more like Larvitar.


Larvitar is the most reasonable guess, in my opinion. Its color scheme somewhat matches the trainers’ costume, and Larvitar is in the Monster egg group. In addition, Larvitar’s evolution line was first introduced in Johto, which is the region HGSS takes place in.

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I just don't think it's supposed to look like anything specific, but if anything then I'd say this is the best we're going to get. I always thought it was like a fiercer looking Substitute tbh.
I think it's a Shiny Nidoqueen or Shiny Druddigon or Shiny Selamence.
It's surely not Tyranitar, look at Kirby's link. There already is a Tyranitar. And Tyranitar got that belly thing and Larvitar didn't. But Larvitar seems the most close. Meh :/
Oh, you're right.
Drudgonn never existed
Gen3 introduced lucrio so it can be dquddigon in gen 5. And look at pic of druddigon
Lucario may have existed in Gen3, but that doesn't mean Druddigon existed in Gen4.
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It has been confirmed by the Pokémon Company that the costume is not a Pokémon, just a generic green monster.

I Quote: "As seen in the Pokémon video games, Poké Maniacs are Trainers who love dressing up as intimidating Pokémon and other creatures. In costume as a Green Monster Poké Maniac, this is a special Pikachu plush—it's not even dressed as a Pokémon at all! A removable hood and big claws are ready for romping and stomping."

Source 1
Source 2, if Source 1 stops working one day.

May this quench your curiosity.