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You should make your title this: How do you get Mewtwo in Pokémon Sun?
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Unfortunately, Mewtwo is unavailable in Pokémon Sun/Moon. However, if you have one in a previous game (Red, Blue, etc.) or in Pokémon Bank, you can transfer it over to Sun/Moon. Again, Mewtwo is unavailable in Pokemon Sun/Moon.

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USUM? You forgot about USUM.
The Kabutops person didn't ask about USUM.
@Octozooka, yeah.
But cant you trnasfer it from USUM to SM?

Or trade it?
The answer already said that Mewtwo can be transferred from another game.
@Octozooka, Well yeah, but what if ShinyKabutops doesn't have Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon? Also, trading isn't really a real method because, who would give away their Mewtwo?
Look at GTS. Somebody will
Well, that's only on GTS.