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I have a friend who I love to get stuff from because I get mega stones for my Pokemon. But it takes so long just for me to get her. So I added her as a friend, but will it increase my chances of getting her again?


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No, it does not increase the chance of finding her in Wonder Trade, but if you are ever trying to find her in the Festival Plaza to Battle/Trade, making her a VIP will make her always appear.

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well i have her as a VIP so thx!
But remember, VIP visitors only appear in the Festival Plaza to Trade/Battle/, not Wonder Trade or GTS. It doesn't increase the chance of finding her on Wonder Trade.
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Because of the way wonder trading works, no, it won’t.

oh ok? thanks for the info. Also it Mitsuki.tv by the way.
Is Mitsuki.tv the trainer you got mega stones from?
Yep! I got a Beedrillite, Aggronite, Alakzite, Steelixite so far, i endup gettong a diancie with a red orb 2 days ago.:)
Just so you know, Pokémon received over Wonder Trade with an OT that has ".tv", ".YTUBE", or a similar ending are almost always hacked.
If that was the Case, I would get a alert from the game whenever i connect to the battle spot or link trade that they found something "fishy" in my game, and will allow me to only battle/trade once before saying that i cant no more. plus i would get BANNED from connecting to Festival Plaza anymore if i kept trying to do so. Plus there are a couple sites that will allow you to make pokemon for the games, but some sites are hacked so hackers use them.
How do you know this? Also, you only get banned if you battle other people with hacked Pokémon. Link Trades/Link Battles are fine.
You don't get banned or disallowed from Festival Plaza for having Hacked Pokemon; the only things you'd get banned from is Tournaments only if you participate with said hacked Pokemon and the game recognizes the hacked Pokemon as Hacked. Also, what KRLW said is 100% correct. All the Pokemon/Items you got from that person are hacked in; items are easy to generate without having the game detect it, and hacked Pokemon can be traded as long as they are possible to have within the game's code, which is pretty easy to do. Hacked Pokemon don't have to have impossible moves or abilities, etc., and are often generated with legal stats and moves so that they can be traded. :P
Are you talking to me or Cobruks? Because I already knew that. :P
Well i Play Moon alot, Rarley play Ultra Moon. But i got my sources from a couple other trainers who study things like this. And i get with them and talk about things like this and learn stuff like this to help myself and others stay safe online. I'm a private pokemon investigator. But I'm looking into the famous Youtubers, Flexxi and AusLove.
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@ Alolan Vulpix - what does "Okay. (filler)" mean?
It means "Okay", but the (filler) part is there so that the comment is enough characters to post; You cannot post a comment that is less than 6(-ish, I think) characters :P
oh i see now. thx stakatacool.