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Does this go in RMT?
I was wondering which Mega to use for OU.
Also I would like it for each setup except special attackers.(e.g. All-Out attacker)

Use neither. Mega Salamence is banned, and mega Garchomp is worse than Z-outrage Garchomp.

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Mega salamence isn’t allowed in ou so mega garchomp

Fr though I’m just going to assume you mean like ag for the rest of this answer

Salamence can use dragon dance really well and also has a really great ability (aerliate) which is good with return/double edge. He also could use Earthquake (for coverage) plus his pre mega ability is Intimidate which is also good. I also found out (thanks sumwun) that theres Hidden abilities so I guess you could use moxie but I think intimidate is better

Garchomp can set up stealth rocks and use swords dance but you probably want to pick just 1. He doesn’t have much coverage besides stone edge, doesn’t have the greatest speed stat, and also can’t reliably boost his speed.

i think salamence is better but idk you can decide

I personally think Zygarde is a better sweeper than either of them. Garchomp is better than both Zygarde and Salamence at attacking without any stat-raising moves, and at using stealth rock. So use Zygarde if you want a dragon dance sweeper, or use Garchomp if you want a stealth rock user or all-out attacker.
But wasn’t the question only Salamence or garchomp
Yes it was, but I don't see any good reason to use Salamence when Zygarde is an option.