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Lol, with your luck you iwll get a hacked one tom! JK

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, your only hope is the GTS. Since X and Y came out in 2013 (and I hope you're talking about X and Y since your hashtags say xy) and Genesect is a mythical, all the mythical events for X and Y have been over for about 4 or 5 years. But, just to help ya out, I'll tell ya how to get some mythicals easily from the GTS.
1. Get a shiny Pokemon you HATE (for me, I used Relicanth) and get it up to lvl 100 if you haven't already
2. Put that shiny into the GTS and ask for any mythical (for me, I used Meloetta)
3. Wait awhile and your mythical should arrive! The wait time should be around 10 hours to a day, but no more than 3 days

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Genesect is a mythical Pokemon, and can’t be obtained through normal gameplay. Since Generation 7 released a while ago, there likely isn’t going to be a Genesect event anytime in the future for Pokemon X and Y. Therefore, the only way to legitimately obtain this Pokemon is by trading.