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When playing with Pikachu/Eevee, they will sometimes give you a gift with an item in it. Some of them that I have received contain Stardust/Heart Scales, but I have also gotten some new items that I have no idea what to do with, such as the Stretchy Spring/Marble. Do these items serve any purpose at all?

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Aren't there descriptions for every item?
Yeah, but they just describe what they are and not what they can be used for.
Oh, Okay. Looks like you are just gonna have to wait for the information to be discovered.
Idem #132; I suppose we still have to wait until some mastermind and/or hacker figured out how to use them.
Until then, I won't be the monster who sells the precious items my partner gave to me, no sir!
The games have been hacked extensively at this point -- virtually everything was known even before they formally released. Any purpose would have been common knowledge by now.

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The only use found by people so far is selling them for a small amount of money. Don't believe it has any other use other than its cute your Pokemon have it to you.

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