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I don’t think magnezone...he’s to overused.I’m thinking of Mawile (SteelFairy type)
My team I’m currently creating has

Incineroar (Fire,Dark)
Zoroark (Dark)
Drifblim (Ghost,Flying)
Leafeon (Grass)
Starmie (Water,Psychic)
And a steel type for fairy types

Also any suggestions for my team would be great

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Celasteela, Stakataka, and Magearna are great if you have access to them, but if not, then here are some options to consider:
Bisharp (9 resistances, 2 immunities)
Klefki (Mawile but better stats)
Skarmory (two weaknesses, godly defense)
Metagross (big hp, big attack, big defense, big sp. atk, big movepool, big bst)
Scizor (sharp boi has versatile typings in its moveset and lots of attack)

Those are just what I've had success with.

Scizor is Arguably just as hard to get as the UB's in-game because it requires trade and Scyther is only found post story-line.

Pawniard takes forever to evolve and is only found end-game.

Metagross takes forever to obtain and level up.

I'd say Magnezone and Klefki are your best options. :P
You get Magearna after you beat the league. And if you do have one, it won't fully listen to you.
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There really aren’t many good steel types other than Magnezone. Even if you think it’s too over-used, I would recommend Magnezone for the following reasons:

  • Magnemite is found very early on in the game, whereas a lot of other steel types aren’t available until late-game.
  • Magnezone’s pre-evolutions evolve fairly early in comparison to other steel types such as Metagross or Bisharp.
  • Although it is slow, Magnezone has a very high special attack stat, and a higher BST than other steel types such as Klefki and Mawile.
Magnezone should have Magnet Rise, for Ground types. Also, how did you make those black dots?
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